Do I really need counseling?

If you are thinking about counseling and considering whether or not you would benefit, ask yourself these questions:
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  • Has this behavior, feeling, or situation been getting worse in the past few weeks?
  • Have I tried to change without success?
  • Do I feel helpless? Hopeless? Or worthless?
  • Do I feel worried, overwhelmed, or depressed about this problem?
  • Is this problem causing difficulty in my relationships, work life, or school?
  • Do my relationships tend to be painful? Am I having problems with communication, trust, or self image?
  • Am I drinking too much or using drugs to cope?
  • Am I hiding the seriousness of this situation from my family and friends?
  • Have I experienced a crisis in the last several months that is taking longer than expected to deal with?
  • Do I feel far away or disconnected from God?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, please contact us to discuss your concern.
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What is Life Coaching?

Many people ask, “What exactly is life coaching?” Coaching involves a professional relationship between a client and a coach that allows space for the client to explore self-discovery, goals and dreams with support and accountability from the coach. Coaching is about taking action to move toward extraordinary results using respectful questioning and observations by the coach as a vehicle of discovery. Coaching focuses on where individuals are now and what they are willing to do to get where they want to be in the future.
The Coaching Process

As a brief overview, a coachee has an unmet need, dream, goal, or desire that they want to achieve. These needs can range from personal weight goals to changing careers to accelerating results in a certain area to overcoming a gap in knowledge, skills, confidence or resources. A Life Coach will use listening and questioning skills that allow the client to bring his/her own ideas and dreams to the surface. The coachee determines the focus and the coach provides the structure, process and accountability for the coachee to establish specific goals and action steps.
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A coaching relationship with Cathy begins with a Discovery interview to discuss opportunities, logistics and expectations for the coaching relationship. A variety of assessments are used to help enhance an individual’s self-perception. As the sessions progress, we will continually seek to increase your self-awareness and awareness of others. Additionally we will look at fostering shifts in perspective, promoting fresh insights, providing new frameworks for looking at opportunities and challenges, and energizing and inspiring toward forward actions. The process described above is a good place to start and can be extremely effective when one is seeking individual growth and development.

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